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Tractor Trek

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The Pickrell Picnic Association is planning a Tractor Trek for Saturday from 10:00 am till noon as part of the Pickrell Picnic. This convoy of vintage tractors will start at the top of Pickrell Hill, head east on the Pickrell Road, then south past the anhydrous ammonia depot to Elm Road, then east to Zion Lutheran for a rest stop and refreshments, then south on 80 th Road to Cherry Road, then east to Christ Lutheran for another rest stop and refreshments, then south on 25 th Road to Pickrell Road and then back into town. Tractors can then be parked at the top of Pickrell Hill for display for the remainder of the weekend, if you wish.

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Name: David Iversen
Email: davidsiversen9563@gmail.com 
Phone: 402-806-8554
Address: 2544 E. Cherry Road, Pickrell, NE 68422